5 Reasons Your Restaurant Customers Care About Hygiene As Much As Your Menu 

 September 3, 2020

If you thought hygiene was important before the new Coronavirus arrived, it is now a critical aspect of any food or drink outlet that simply cannot be ignored, and with a second wave of the deadly virus expected in the coming months leading up to winter, you need to be sure that your restaurant is both clean and hygienic.

The food served may still be the star of every restaurant, but the taste of it alone won’t guarantee that your restaurant would be a hit, especially these days. While the ambiance as well as the location, among other things, are to be considered, the hygiene has become a priority, especially this year. Below are a few of the reasons your customers regard cleanliness as important as your menu.

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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Customers Care About Hygiene As Much As Your Menu:

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic

We are all aware of how easy it is for this virus to be transmitted, and on top of the obvious concern about catching a virus or bug, there are now new dangers with Coronavirus. The best solution is to call in a London deep clean kitchen service, which would ensure that every square inch of your premises is spotlessly clean, and this can be a weekly service, which helps to protect both customers and staff from catching the virus.

2. Food Poisoning

Of course, a restaurant customer cannot see inside the kitchen, and most diners will look at the dining area, and if that is clean, then they assume the same goes for the food preparation area. The waiting staff should always be clean and presentable as standard, plus they should either wear masks of plastic shields when in contact with diners.

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3. General Health & Well-Being

The current COVID-19 pandemic reminds us just how easy it is to become sick, and with airborne viruses that are passed on also by human contact, it is vital that you have sanitizing gel and wipes available on every table. In times like these, the diner puts a lot of trust in the restaurant owner, that they have taken all necessary precautions to keep the premises clean and germ-free.

4. First Impressions Count

This has always been the case and now, more so than ever, as this invisible virus can so easily be transmitted from person to person. Think about it another way, if the diner can see that the dining area is not 100% clean, then this leads them to suspect the same might be true in the kitchen, so the tables, chairs, and any surfaces people might touch, should be regularly sanitized.

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5. People That Do Not Show Symptoms

With some bugs and viruses, you only have to worry if a person has the symptoms of the disease, yet science has shown that people who seem perfectly healthy can transmit Coronavirus. This means that every measure should be used to ensure that all surfaces are regularly wiped and that all staff is wearing masks and/or a plastic face shield.

People who dine out at present are especially careful where they eat, and for good reason, and if your restaurant strictly follows government guidelines regarding COVID-19, they are far more likely to put their trust in you and your restaurant staff.

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