Employee Scheduling Software: The Tool That Helps Restaurants Run Efficiently 

 January 14, 2021

COVID-19 has caused upheaval around the world in too many ways to name. Aside from the toll on human life, it has hammered economies and several industries.

Restaurants across North America struggled to run their business when they either operated at 50% capacity or restricted indoor-seating altogether. Thankfully, people still need to eat, and there’s been an enormous desire to shop locally and either order delivery or curbside pickup.

Running a restaurant was always challenging, but during COVID-19, it’s considerably more demanding. That’s why efficiency matters more than ever, and one of the tools driving efficiency in today’s restaurants is employee scheduling software.

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Better Schedules in Less Time:

By using automated technology and inputs effortlessly gathered from your teams, employee scheduling software can produce responsive schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. Not only do these schedules meet all your employees’ needs, but the time it saves reduces your labor costs by as much as 3%.

Given that labor costs are one of a restaurant’s most significant financial challenges, this technology delivers an important win. Efficiency is all about keeping your employees working where they’re most effective — preparing food and serving customers.

Why pay employees to sit around and struggle to arrange a schedule when you can automate the process and let them work where they’re needed?

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Streamline Communications:

Employee scheduling software has messaging features that keep everybody connected in a way that’s natural and simple. Imagine a scenario where a manager needs to find a replacement for a shift on short notice.

With employee scheduling software, they can simply post a message to the group whose team needs replacement. They’ll see the message because everyone will receive an email notification.

Whoever is free and able to take the shift can let the group know, and in this way, the situation is resolved before it has time to snowball into a crisis. You can also use these communication tools to celebrate staff achievements, provide new workplace policies, inform teams about events or new specials, or anything else going on in your restaurant.

Manager Log Books:

Employee scheduling software also keeps managers informed in real-time about labor costs, sales, and a whole range of other important metrics. Whether you have one location or a chain across the continent, decision-makers will have all the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

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If your manager log books suggest your business could use a boost, check out this guide to adding your restaurant to Google Maps to help drive traffic from the online world to your business. With so many people ordering food, having a prominent presence on Google is essential for any restaurant.

Everybody is trying to stay safe and keep a positive frame of mind as the pandemic continues. For restaurants, that means staying resourceful and determined to operate in difficult conditions that keep changing. If you’re looking for a tool to help drive efficiency in your business in the pandemic and beyond, check out employee scheduling software.

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