Proven Methods to Get More Followers on Instagram 

 May 10, 2022

You can increase your followers on Instagram by applying the techniques listed below. Quality content, geotagging, influencer marketing, and Shoppable posts are the best ways to boost your followers’ count.

Try these proven methods and boost your followers’ numbers in no time! You will also gain real Instagram followers by using the right hashtags. Follow the tips mentioned above to make your post more interesting and discoverable by your followers.

Quality content

Consistency is key when it comes to increasing your Instagram following. While a few posts per day may be enough to increase brand awareness, more frequent posting can drive potential followers away. Frequent posting also decreases user engagement rates. Posting quality content only a few times per week or daily is the right amount. But how do you ensure that your followers stick around? Below are some proven methods to grow your Instagram following.

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Study your competitors: Identify which brands are getting the most engagement from followers. Look at their content and identify which posts attract them. Make comments on their pages at least 25 times a day. Comment on these posts and ask them to share your content as well. Also, post frequently on your own Instagram account to build a larger following. And finally, share user-generated content. By doing so, you’ll not only get free content but will also encourage people to engage with your brand, giving you more exposure.

Make use of hashtags. In the hashtag search bar, many users search for relevant content. So, whenever possible, use trending hashtags in your caption. Use Later to create hashtags based on the keywords you want to target. If you have trouble generating hashtags, use the Keyword Tool. This is a free social media scheduling tool. This will help you make the right choice. And once you’ve mastered this method, you’ll find that your Instagram followers are flocking to your posts in no time.

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Next, keep an eye on new trends in your niche. Be aware of new trends on Instagram and invest in quality analytics tools. This will help you track and measure the performance of your content across your Instagram accounts. Make sure to analyze your competitors’ content to get a better idea of what they’re doing and how you can emulate their success. And remember: consistency is key. Consistency is key to Instagram growth.

Influencer marketing

Identifying potential Instagram influencers is a critical step to increase your presence on the platform. You need to know who these influencers are and how to reach them. Microinfluencers can be contacted through a private message; established influencers often have contact information listed in their bio, and they may even link to a website indicating brand partnerships. The next step in the influencer marketing process is to find out what they want to offer your brand in return for promoting your business.

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In addition to building brand awareness, influencers can generate content for brands. Whether it’s posing with the latest car or modeling the latest outfit, influencers can be extremely helpful in promoting a product or service. Their posts don’t aim to educate consumers, but to sell a product. Unlike traditional advertising, influencer content tends to have a more personal narrative and conversational tone. This is a distinct benefit that sets it apart from brand-driven content.

As far as targeting specific influencers goes, you should be aware of their audience. While this is an important factor for success, it’s important to start small and monitor your ROI. If you get more leads and increase sales after a certain period of time, you can increase your budget. However, it’s important to keep in mind that influencer marketing partnerships need to be well thought out and implemented in the right manner.

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The first step is to determine how much money you can afford to invest in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has proven to be a great marketing strategy for businesses. In fact, the more influencers you engage with, the more likely they will be to share their posts with their audiences and create brand awareness. You need to consider whether your budget is large enough to fund a campaign, because influencer marketing often yields 5x more Instagram impressions than paid advertisements.

Shoppable post

Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and almost 800 million of those people follow businesses. That’s a lot of potential customers! In fact, 70% of US marketers use Instagram to promote their business, and many are promoting ecommerce stores with shoppable posts. Instagram is continually adding more features for shoppable posts, and recently introduced a checkout function for those who want to complete their purchase right on the platform.

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Shoppable posts on Instagram allow you to tag products on your photos, videos, and Instagram Stories. People can then tap on those photos and view all the products you’ve tagged. Getting started is easy! Follow Magnolia Boutique, a ecommerce site, to learn how they implement shoppable posts. Simply tagging your products with an #@ symbol will let followers immediately access all of the products you’ve tagged.

If you’re interested in selling on Instagram, try shoppable posts. You can upload a limited catalog manually, or you can integrate your account with Shopify or BigCommerce. Once you’ve applied for an Instagram store, you’ll need to share your images and promote your shop. To make it easier, sign up for a free trial of MavSocial, a social media management service. This service will allow you to schedule posts, monitor performance, and respond to customer comments.

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Shoppable Instagram feeds are easy to create, and don’t require any coding experience. You can display these feeds on your website and they don’t require a developer. Most of the Instagram users use the app to look for the perfect purchase, and shoppable feeds make it easier for them to find it. Simply link them to your website and people can browse them, click to buy, and purchase right there and then.


When promoting your business on Instagram, one of the most effective ways to draw in followers is to geotag your posts. This simple step will attract followers from nearby locations. It is important to remember that your posts won’t be clickable unless you include a link in the bio. So, make sure you’re consistent across all your posts and use geotagging wisely. Here are a few tips to make your geotags stand out and attract more Instagram followers.

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First, make sure your location services are turned on. This will allow Instagram to geotag photos and suggest geotags in the area where your photo was taken. You can do this in Settings, under Privacy, and then scroll down to Instagram. This way, when you post a photo, Instagram will automatically find geotags that match your location. The more locations you geotag, the more likely your followers are to find your account.

Another way to geotag is to use Instagram Stories. You can geotag IG Stories to extend your brand’s reach to more people and expose your brand to more leads. Geotagging will also help you collect email addresses and giveaway freebies for your followers. Geotagging will increase your followers and help you grow your Instagram account. So, get geotagging and see how much your account will grow!

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Another way to geotag your posts is to include a location sticker. You can use a free online tool such as Canva to easily add a location to your photos. While it won’t generate many followers, this will give you the opportunity to connect with more users in your community. By using geotags, you’ll get more followers from Instagram and make your followers aware of your business.

Creating a consistent brand voice

Creating a brand voice is important for any business on Instagram, and this applies equally well to personal accounts. By establishing a consistent tone of voice, your audience will develop an impression of your brand, allowing you to connect with them on a personal level. A brand voice can make your business stand out from competitors in the same field. Following these tips can help you establish a consistent tone of voice on your Instagram account.

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When writing captions for your Instagram posts, keep in mind your audience and keep them interested. Try to avoid cheesy and overly promotional language and make your captions thoughtful and interesting. Similarly, keep your content on topic and on brand. Your audience expects consistent, on-brand content. In order to gain more followers on Instagram, follow a consistent brand voice and stick to it.



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