Why Flexible Working Could Remain Pivotal Even As The Pandemic Recedes 

 March 22, 2021

Emerging from the aftermath of a pandemic has fundamentally changed how many of us live and work. In the past, it may have been simple; we settled for the 9 to 5 grind, with a long ride there and back in the car or on public transport! But, now that we’ve had a taste of flexible working, splitting time between home and the workplace doesn’t seem so bad.

There are many reasons why flexible working could remain pivotal even as the pandemic recedes. Read on as we cover just a few…

Wave Goodbye To Bus Fare And Fuel Costs

Lower living expenses – particularly when it comes to transport – is the immediate thought for many outspoken fans of flexible working. Whether you travel by train, bus or car, the fact of the matter is, traveling to an office most days of the week is expensive. Rush-hour travel soon adds up, negatively impacting your bank account and your patience.

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Without question, working from home during the week is perfect for saving those extra pounds, pandemic or not.

Spending Time With Your Loved Ones

Bridge the gap between your personal and professional lives with flexible working. Gone are the days of coming home only for dinner and then straight to bed. With flexible hours and working environments at your fingertips, you can appreciate what matters most – your loved ones.

Use the free time saved from traffic jams and expensive trips, and spend it with your family. The pandemic has taught us many things – most of all, that our close family and friends should be cherished. Flexible working has made it easier than ever to reconnect with your family, uniting your personal and professional lives into a much more easily managed entity.

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Relax And Unwind In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

From traffic jams to boardroom meetings, the stress of a working lifestyle is certainly no laughing matter – and you only have to survey the British public to find this to be true!

Only 16% of the British people consider 9 to 5 to be ideal working hours.  In contrast, over 63% support a four-day working week! There’s no doubt that flexible working is an appealing prospect, especially when the constant nature of the daily grind has prompted a ‘burnout phenomenon’ – with over four in ten of our fellow workers feeling burnt out and exhausted.

Relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home, secure in the knowledge that your working environment caters to you – you don’t have to bend yourself out of shape to achieve an impossible ideal of an ‘always on the go’ worker.

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In fact, BE Offices have you covered…

Choose A Flexible Working Environment For You

Even as the pandemic recedes, there’s no doubt that flexible working has climbed the priorities of CEOs and directors across the country. If you have grown to enjoy flexible working during the pandemic and seek to replicate this environment once more, place you and your workspace in the capable hands of BE Offices.

With flexible workspace, virtual offices, and serviced office space available for your perusal,  it’s never been easier to adapt to and match the changing requirements of a post-pandemic workplace. Thrive alongside your remote workers, and reap the benefits of a company doubled in productivity and morale.

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